With Dustdetect, all vacuums can detect dust!

Dustdetect® adds green light feature to all vacuums.

Detect all invisible dust.

Dustdetect® attached to the side of the vacuum cleaner head allows you to see all dust and particles thanks to the green light emitted on the floor.

Compatible with all vacuum cleaner models.Setup in a minute.Money back guarantee.

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Frequently asked question

Dustdetect® is compatible with all vacuum cleaners. You can add the green light feature to your own vacuum cleaner without paying for a new one.

Apply the double-sided tape from the box to the back of the product. Then stick the product on the left side of your vacuum cleaner head with the light glass on the front. You can turn on and off with the existing single button.

Thanks to the green light, you can see and sweep away all the dust, hair, hair and dirt that is normally invisible to your eyes.

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